Custom Software Solutions

Arete Software, Inc. provides custom software development and support in Indianapolis, IN.

About Us

At Arete we stand by our product. Not only are you obtaining a top quality product, but you are going to receive top quality support for the product created. With a team of fast-acting developers and management, your needs are taken care of.

At Arete, we keep our hosting in our local office. This means that handling updates and rollbacks is not only efficient, but saves you money.

It's no doubt that Indianapolis values speed. With speed on our mind, we ensure your software is not only developed in a timely manner, but that it operates seamlessly.

At Arete, we have been acknowledged for our award winning programming abilities and our ability to innovate and change the lives of our customers.

Completely custom software to suit your business' needs.

Our Process

It's without a doubt that a simple process makes the job easier for both parties. Take a look into our process and see why it is right for you.


After the customer engages with us, we will undergo meetings to establish their software needs and outline our development process for the specific software.


We write up a consulting agreement to send to the customer for review. This will entail all of the requested software features and detailed information about the project.


Our development team quickly gets to work on your project. With our combined development expertise, our team will ensure that they are developing your project in the most efficient way possible.


When the project is ready to be tested the customer receives a link to test their solution alongside our team. This provides a spot where customers can go through their workflow and decide if they need to add features


After the system has been fully tested by both internal staff and the customer, we schedule a time for integration with the customer. At the time of release, we also provide in-depth documentation of the software features & functionality.

Looking to see what Arete can do for you?

With over 100 years of combined experience in software development, rest assured that your project is in the right hands.