Introducing ArMS (Arete Management Suite), our flagship application that we've been developing for the past two years. This product is not only robust, but tried and proven by large clientele that run their businesses out of the application. With a plethora of features that are suited to drive business up while increasing accountability and productivity, we are sure that you will be pleased with the performance of our software.

Feature Overview

Some of the core features of ArMS include user customizability, multi-user type logins, work orders, and the ability to continue expanding the application to suit your specific needs. ArMS is a very powerful product, but can be tailored to become more powerful and precise to suit your needs.

User Customizable

ArMS offers the ability for users to customize their own shortcuts as well as modify their user specific data.

Multi-User Types

ArMS is built around having multiple types of users. This means that your office users and your clients can all log in to complete tasks.

Work Orders

Trying to go paperless in your break-fix business? With digital work orders and quick invoicing/exporting, ArMS is the answer!

Fully Customizable

ArMS has plenty of features out of the box. That doesn't mean it can't have more though. Anything you can dream up, Arete can accomplish!

Suited For All Businesses

Given that ArMS is fully customizable per client, we have been able to adapt the application to work with mulitple different business models. Whether your company is a break-fix company that utilizes work orders to take care of customers or your company is an environmental compliance agency, we have the software to help streamline your business.