Introducing ArMS (Arete Management Suite), our flagship business management application. With a large amount of features that help you drive business up by offering new features for your customers while keeping costs low, ArMS is sure to complement your business.

arms dashboard

What is ArMS?

ArMS is a powerful business management tool that has been designed to be open to numerous business models. With ArMS it doesn’t matter if your business is a construction company or an HVAC company. Our system has been developed with the idea that it would be capable of handling any type of business.

With the help of awesome customers, our software continues to develop and be the best of its kind. Not only is ArMS super flexible, it is also easy to use and has features that will continue to help your business running smoothly. Check out our available packages below and see why ArMS is the go to for numerous businesses nationwide.

Pricing that suits all sizes

Our product is always growing and new features are always being added. With a large set of tools, you’ve got options. Find the plan that fits your company best.


  • 10 users included
  • $25 per additional user
  • Customer Management
  • Projects
  • Log Hours
  • Invoice Management


  • All features from Bronze
  • 10 users included
  • $25 per additional user
  • Purchasing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Employee Expenses


  • All features from Gold
  • 20 users included
  • $25 per additional user
  • Inventory Management
  • Build Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Mobile
  • Early access to new features


  • Need a custom version of ArMS?
  • Can’t find a plan that fits your needs?
mobile arms product photo

Mobile is Here

We’ve been working diligently to get ArMS mobile and native for both Android and iOS. With Mobile ArMS you can navigate directly to your next work order, track expenses, log hours, and more! At the moment, Mobile ArMS is pre-release and is undergoing heavy development. We are currently offering access to the mobile application on a pre-release / a la carte basis.

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Easy Start Up

Concerned that making the switch to ArMS will take too long? No worries. We have developed tools that make importing your data from your current solution into ArMS quick and painless.

ArMS Company Import
ArMS Invoice Configuration

Customizable Invoices

Need to customize your invoices to match your business’ brand guidelines? Want to give your customers a QR code for paying their invoices online? Have a specific location customers need to send their invoices? No worries, ArMS can do it.

Work Orders

At Arete, we know that work orders are the basis of most companies. Because of this, ArMS is loaded with numerous work order configuration features and tools.

arms work order demonstration

Worried about training? Don’t be.

ArMS has a built in FAQ with a smart-search option that helps your employees find exactly what they are looking for. Long gone are the days of overly-long and complicated user manuals.

arms faq section
arms calendar management

Calendar & Scheduling

Do you struggle with keeping your staff up to date on your company events? Need a calendar to schedule and dispatch your technicians to their work orders? We’ve got you covered. ArMS has a calendar built into the application that makes scheduling work orders easy.